Rank 4 Armour- 'Demon Archer'

Rank 4 Armour- 'Demon Archer'

Name: Demon Archer
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: 4
Operator: Cpt. Bertram Dorian Harcourt

‘Demon Archer’ is the name of the Rank 4 Armour operated by Captain Bertram Dorian Harcourt.


Of the three Rank 4 Armours seen so far, Demon Archer differs from the standardised pattern the most dramatically. Its helmet and left shoulder guard are yellow. Although its right shoulder has not yet been seen, this would logically display its operator’s heraldry. The left side of the head mounts an array of scopes, while the right shoulder appears to mount some form of large artillery cannon.


As of yet, the ‘Demon Archer’ has only been seen in a single panel. Captain Harcourt is sitting in the machine observing Griff’s battle with Jaeger, claiming that he has not deployed yet due to the amount of time it takes to supply his Armour.

Armament and AbilitiesEdit

‘Demon Archer’ is described in an informational box-out as a ‘unique artillery-equipped Rank 4 Armour’. While neither of its arms have yet been shown, either its right shoulder or entire right arm is replaced by a large artillery cannon, wider at its base than the forearm of most Rank 4 Armours.