Cpt. Bertram Dorian Harcourt

Cpt. Harcourt seated in the cockpit of the 'Demon Archer'

Bertram Dorian Harcourt

Name: Bertram Dorian Harcourt
Gender: Male
Affiliation: British Army
Rank: Captain
Debut: #7- ‘Hold Your Attention’
Armour: Demon Archer

Bertram Dorian Harcourt, or Captain Harcourt, is a supporting protagonist in ‘Operator’, the captain of Harcourt Company, and operator of the unique artillery-equipped Demon Archer, a Rank 4 Armour.


Harcourt is a man with a round face, half-moon glasses, and straw-blonde hair cut short save for two larger parts framing his face.


Although he is of an equal rank to Griff and Hannah, Captain Harcourt usually appears to have acting command of the two other companies as well as his own, chairing the military meetings between the three captains as well as issuing orders to all three companies following the town’s occupation. Harcourt seems mild-mannered and generally likeable, and observant, but doesn’t seem to have any particular friendships with the other military personnel.


Harcourt is first introduced in the military meeting immediately following the town’s capture, and generally has much less of an active role than the other two Captains. He is next seen partway through Griff’s duel with Jaeger, explaining the mechanics behind 'The Eye'- as he observes them- to Captain Fairfax. When she questions him as to why he has not taken to the field himself, he cites the long supply time for his Armour- a unique artillery-equipped model- as the reason. His instruments confirm Griff as being completely unconscious as The Eye operates his body and Raging Griffon, and he later appears to marvel at the new combined form of Raging Griffon. In response to the artillery ambush of Fairfax Company, Harcourt theorises that the German forces may possess mobile artillery similar to his own artillery-equipped Armour. He decides to increase the activity of the three companies available, but is then convinced by Griff to deploy all three companies to the field at once to meet the incoming German forces.


While he has not yet been seen using his Armour on the field of battle, Harcourt clearly prefers fighting at range in his unique artillery-equipped Armour. Besides this, he has displayed keen observational skill, able to effectively discern and explain the functions of Griff’s Eye as he sees them.


  • ’His Eye seems to excel at keeping track of large numbers of troops, their manoeuvres, and copying basic techniques. A fast, single opponent with variable skills is probably Griff’s worst nightmare.’
  • ’Two machines becoming one… I’ve never seen anything like this.’
  • ’…why am I seriously considering changing all our tactics on the advice of a talking eyeball?’